Metal Veneers

Metal has increasingly become an element of interior design. Whether in architecture, in living room design, in shop fitting, in industrial furniture or in the application for product design:
Metal is extremely versatile and stands for very high-quality appearances.


The metallized surfaces offer shop owners, interior decorators, architects, interior designers and industrial designers a variety of options for creative, individual designs.


The sprayable metals can be processed seamlessly and are ideal for three-dimensional objects. Since the metallic coatings are suitable both for indoor and outdoor use, there are innumerable uses.


Replicoat real metal coatings, which consist of 95% metal powder and can be applied to almost any surface. The liquid metals can be painted and filled. After surface metallization, Replicaot has all the properties of cast metal, both visually and in terms of gloss and heat conduction.


We want to show you the creative possibilities metallizations offer, where they are already used, and hope that this page can be a source of inspiration for your imagination and creativity. We have years of experience in the field of chemistry and coatings. With new and optimized products, the success story is continuing.

Please see below for a list ofour real metal finishes

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Aged Bronze

White Bronze




Brown Brass






Stainless Steel

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